Advanced Courses

2009 Advanced Classes available at Paris Beauty College

These particular advanced classes are classes which an outside educator comes in and teaches a class that is not part of the regular course curriculum. Because they are not taught as part of your regular course, these classes are offered during non regular business hours. These are the times that we give the availability to these educators to come in and use our facility. Most of these classes have costs involved. These costs are not fee’s paid to Paris Beauty College but to the educator or Company offering the class. You would have to contact the class educator to see what the current fee’s involved are. All classes are certified classes meaning you will receive a certificate to prove your participation and education received from the class. These are classes you would want to show in a portfolio or resume as most are services that would make you more desirable when looking to hire on. All classes are hands on. Most require you to receive as well as give the service, technique, or application to benefit your learning experience. It really depends on what class you are looking into. 
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  • Microdermabrasion
  • Endromology or Therapeutic Massage
  • Advanced Chemical Peels
  • LED & Ultra Sound Treatments
  • Hot Stone Facial & Body Treatments
  • Aryuvedic & Shira Dara Treatments
  • Hot Stone Manicures & Pedicures
  • Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Sewn, Braided, & Glued Hair Extensions
  • Japanese Hair Straightening
  • Advanced Men’s & Women’s Haircutting
  • Eyelash Extensions

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